....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An evening at the school

Tonight at the school, we had a program night, where you went to all the "special" classes to see what your kids do in there, since nothing is ever brought home. Great idea, it was fun. We learned about what they are doing in P. E., art, and music. This is the music part, it's a dance called the cupid shuffle. Janae is a 4th grader, so she got to be a helper. I was in here with Hunter since he is in first grade. Obviously they are loving it!
I'm really surprised at how excited Janae got about it. She had alot of fun!! Then, the parents "got" to do it. I had 2 children drag me out there, but thank goodness, I kept the camera, so pictures of that are spared for you! :)

(My pics got out of order when I up-loaded.....this is a pic Janae drew, it's going to be judged by judges from TTU, then hopefully go on to be displayed at the Civic center in a couple of weeks. She got one in last year, we're hoping for 2 in a row. How in the world does my child do this, when I can't even draw a straight line????)

Look at her cute little signature on the bottom!

Okay, this is what I got for getting out there with the kids. Alot of parents did, but I was awarded the cupid shuffle queen of the first grade parents. (I think it might have helped just a little bit that Janae's friends were the judges!) tee, hee
On a more serious note, I found out yesterday that our PTA board, of which I am a member, nominated me as Outstanding Volunteer of the Year in the Frenship district. All the campuses enter someone, then a winner will be picked next Friday at a luncheon. I was shocked, but quite honored. Seems like there are alot of people who do as much or more than I do, and I really expected one of them to be nominated. Hunter's teacher is up for teacher of the year, really hope she gets it.
Pray for my math grade, Kristen and I have one more "date", tomorrow night for 3 quizzes, and one test, and I'll be finished. Right now I have an 89.8%. Gotta get that "A"!!! Then on to the 2nd of 3 math classes!! She's been great, and deserves a huge "high five"!!!