....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hunter had his first sleepover last night. It was at our house. We had tried one other time, but his friend didn't make it....we had to call mom. Hunter had cried and cried that night, he was so disappointed. Janae is frequently getting to spend the night/have someone spend the night with her, and although there is a 3 grade difference between them, he feels that it is very unfair. So, last night after t-ball, he and Miles started "begging" (and they weren't afraid to admit they were begging), and we gave in. Hunter came up to me and said "I have a puppy dog face, please, please, please!!". Now, how can I say no to that! Although, I strongly told him it wasn't because of the begging that he was allowed to have a friend over. Can't encourage it, I certainly don't want that to become a habit, even though I thought it was humorous last night. Whew, this was at 11:45 last night, when they finally were both asleep. We started trying to wind down at 10:30. Kinda hope we don't do this again for awhile...I'm beat! They were both very good, but I don't stay up late...and I was soooo ready for them to go to sleep. I went in there and sat on the bed for 1/2 hour, otherwise, they might still be up this morning!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ah, where to begin telling this story?? Last week, Thursday night, it started raining, so I went out to the garage to turn off the sprinklers so they wouldn't come on Friday morning. No need to waste water! Well, when I went in there, I saw a puddle of water on the cement beside the A/C and water heater cabinet doors. Open them up, and there is water standing inside. I could also hear a dripping sound, that was loud, at least loud for a dripping. I checked the filter to the A/C and the filter is wet, and water is "plopping" through there. It was more than dripping, so I'm going to say "plopping". That's exactly what it sounded like. I'd never seen that before. So, of course, Hubs is at work, and I called him. (It's only about 11pm at this point. What better time of day for this to happen???) He couldn't see what I was talking about, of course, so I just told him about it and then went off to bed. There wasn't any water by the time he got home on Friday morning, so we figured maybe somehow the rain had blown in???!! (Not very intelligent, I know, but sometimes you just try to convice yourself there won't be anything major wrong with the A/C.) So, since it was dry, we didn't think too much more about it. Freak thing. Wrong! Our bedroom closet shares a wall with that garage closet. Saturday morning, I went in there, and saw that a box that's sitting in the floor is wet. Like 2" up the sides, no mistaking it is wet. Walked toward it, and the floor is squishing. AUUUGGGGHHHH!!! Back to the garage. Still dry out there, and the wall inside the house closet is dry, so obviously something is leaking through the floor. Off goes all the air, and on go the fans into the closet, because of course there is no vent in there, and it already smells musty. I think that the water had started leaking back through there on Thursday, and I didn't know it until Saturday. Shoo-wee!! By the way, we have a huge closet, and this is the side that I just stash everything in that I don't know what else to do with. We had a guy from church come over that works on houses for a living, and he thought it was a pipe plugged up, causing condensation to back up into the blower. Left the A/C off all day on Sat, got the floor mostly dry, but had to turn it back on to sleep. Sunday, the floor is wet again!!! So off goes the A/C, and we call first thing Monday morning. I have to interject here, that we have a Betenbough house, and I know they are not the "ritz-est" houses, but they came right over on Monday morning and fixed it. For free. Zero. Not one penny. Hallelujah!! No problems since, I'm happy to say. I put baking soda down on the carpet to try to help absorb some of the musty odor last night, and it worked well. I moved all the stuff back into the closet, and I think that we can close the book on this ordeal. I'm sure that there will something else before long, stay tuned!! And yes, it was a plugged up pipe--it was causing condensation to back up into the blower, then come under the floor into the house. Who would have thought?? (Besides our friend from church, of course!!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


John has been having shoulder pain the last few days and headed to the doctor yesterday morning. He has a grade 1 tear in his rotator cuff. An Rx of sterioids and physical therapy is in order. Here is the good part, he works at a rehab hospital, which is full of physical therapists, and they are going to help him out with that! Our insurance does cover physical therapy, but not until after the deductible, of which he has so far met zero of! So, they are going to get with him and see what they can do. I'm so glad that he went yesterday, because he was planning to play in a golf tournament on Saturday, and knowing him, he probably would have, even through the pain. The doctor told him that if the tear was any worse, it would require surgery. And I have no doubt that after a golf tournament, it would have been worse! So, hopefully, after the steriods kick in, he'll start feeling better. Right now, he doing alot of moaning and groaning! :) tee, hee

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer baseball and horrible mommy!

Time for t-ball! For the 3rd year in a row, I'm one of the coaches! Last night was our first game. We are the Dodgers! Hunter played pitcher for our first game, and even though there is no actual pitching since it is t-ball, he did a great job. He managed to get 4 or 5 outs, I lost track!

Kudos to Stacey for the pics, because I obviously was just a tad bit busy to take pictures. I also had a picture e-mailed to me that I'd love to figure out how to pull off my e-mail and put on here. Any words of wisdom from anyone on how to do that? I played with it a bit, and couldn't figure out if there was any way to do that. On another note, I get a huge "L" on my forehead and the worst mommy in world award tonight. Janae had a birthday invitation come last week for one of her very best friends in the world, for a swimming party. When I looked at it, I "saw" Friday on the invitation, told mom Janae was coming. Just a few minutes ago, I looked at it again to check the times and saw that it was TONIGHT!! Of course it ended at 7:30, and I saw it at 7:25. I feel absolutely horrible. There are no words to describe how bad I feel. Janae cried when I told her, and I actually got teary eyed along with her. (I'm soooo sorry, Laurie!!) So, we're going to try to have her friend spend the night tomorrow night. I am usually so organized, have everything down with no problems, and I've never done anything like this! Hopefully, I never will again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Future Farmer?

This would be my son on the tractor with his Uncle Jerry.

He had the time of his life. Jerry lives around alot of brush and land that hasn't been cleared out, that's what they are doing in this last picture. Hunt is helping to clear out some of the trees, brush, and whatever else might be lurking in there. He was able to lower and lift the front bucket thing, whatever it's called! :) This was also his first driving experience, and for a 6 year old, he did a really good job.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twin time...

I had to laugh at the wondering of which twin is which! To me, they look like brothers, but not twins. There are only certain times that it really hits me how much they can look alike. If John is swimming, and when he comes up for air with his hair all plastered down, he looks like Jerry. That's about it. When I was about to meet Jerry for the first time (10 years ago) I was really worried. What if I couldn't tell them apart??? No worries, I've never had any bit of a problem. But in the picture, Jerry is on the left, in the red shirt, John on the right in the white shirt. Just wanted to clarify!! I'll be back with pictures of dinosaurs soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Times...

I'm back!! After taking almost two weeks off from blogging, which absolutely flew by, I'm back. I have alot of material and tons of pictures, all of which everyone will probably get sick of. On Wednesday, we headed out to Glen Rose, which is a suburb of Ft. Worth. John's twin brother lives out there, and their aunt and cousin, who live in Idaho, were out visiting, so we went to see everyone. Jerry is the twin, he lives out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and the kids had a blast out there. They went looking for "fossils", rocks, animals, and whatever else you can imagine. Uncle Jerry was kind enough to give Hunter a couple of deer head skeltons. You should have seen this boy's eyes light up as soon as this shed door opened, and there were probably 10 out there. We let him pick two to bring home. He had such a hard time deciding, but was sure that he wanted one with the head (skull) still attached.
So, here are his picks, and of course as soon as we got home, they had to be hung. Dad thought it'd be a great idea to hang it above Hunt's door on the outside of his room. WRONG! Mom had to veto that right quick. So the first one is hanging on the inside of the door just above it.

The other one is just on one of the walls in his room. Janae is throughly disgusted by the whole idea, but I have to realize that I have a boy, and I need to let him be a boy, so GO HUNT, enjoy those heads and antlers.

This is John and Jerry, identical twins. Jerry is 10 minutes older. We also went to Dinosaur World while we were there, and Hunter helped Jerry drive a tractor. More pictures to come in the next couple of days.