....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Alrighty, I just HAVE to share what happened to me today. I normally don't talk about the housecleaning, mainly because I never know who is reading. I have waaay to many "blurkers", but it is worth it today. Okay, so I'm already having a weird day, school was late, so that put me 2 hours late, and I'm really trying to make up time so that I won't be late picking the kids up! So, I'm at my second house, a "well-to-do" family, pull the sheets off the bed and head to the laundry room. I started the washer, dumped in the soap, and out of the corner of my eye, something caught my attention. I looked in the washer and there is a MOUSE!! Inside the washer!!! I have certainly never thought about a mouse being there! I've also never seen any type of evidence of all of a mouse being in this house. I was quite taken aback. So I went ahead and called the lady, because those sheets were NOT going to get washed in that washing machine by me! Now get this, she wasn't surprised, said it's happened before! She said she knew there was a mouse running around, and the cat has been "hunting" for it. Okay, why was I not informed of this?? She thinks that the cat caught it and put it in the washer for a "present". And this mouse was very much alive in there. Next, she asked if I'd just grab it and get it out. WHAT????? I DON'T THINK SO! Now grab a kleenex Jen A....I peeked in there when I was leaving and it had drowned. Poor little mouse. I'm not a mouse fan by any means, but I do hate that it drowned in the one inch of water in the bottom of the washing machine. (I still left it in the wash!) Who in their right mind would expect the cleaning lady to pull mice out of the washer?? It was just a funny kind of thing, and let me tell you, I was quite skiddish with everything that I picked up off the floor after that. I was just waiting for another one to run across my feet!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay, you know that part about Hunter getting a good night's sleep and being as good as new today?? Well, that didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. He had a fever this morning, so today he's home. He seems to be feeling okay, but it may be the Advil that is currently working. I really did suspect yesterday, that boy never slows down long enough to fall asleep in my lap, then especially turn around and fall asleep for the night at 6:15, so I was half-way expecting it. But, last night he didn't have a temp, and I was still hopeful!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


What a day! I'm first of all going to make most of my friends jealous and tell you that Quilty Chick, Cimmaron Saga, (alias Jennifer Aniston) and I took a road trip. We went to the ultra cool (and quite cold!) SNYDER! We got to see Quilty Chick's "new digs"!! What a cute little house, she's going to make it just adorable. I really can't wait to see the finished product! BUT....before that, this morning as I was still dripping from the shower there is a knock on the bathroom door, and Emily said she had just thrown up. Well, John was home sleeping today, so we just left her home with him and I still got to go. He did want me to take her to the doctor, because Strep and the Flu are both going around. So we went. And waited. And waited. And waited. We waited so long that Hunter fell asleep in my lap out in the waiting room. We waited for an hour and 1/2 before getting called back. Then they took her to do the flu test and strep test. So after about 20 more minutes, doc comes in says both are negative, checks her out and basically says she has a viral infection in her throat. Take Claritin to dry up the drainage. I about fell out of my chair!! I waited in a waiting room with really sick people, with 3 kids, all for a diagnosis of a "sore throat"! Oh brother!! I am a bit concerned about Hunt, he did fall asleep at the doctor's, then when we got home he fell asleep on the couch at 6:15. No fever, so hopefully he'll sleep all night and be good as new.........

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today Was Basketball!

Today was our first basketball practice! Look at that awesome shot that really cute kid made! Just for the record, the ball that is in the picture is NOT the ball that he threw. He didn't make his shot that time, but he did really good and did make several shots once he warmed up. Getting some good instruction from Coach Shannon......

I think that this will be a really fun season. Dad went and got him a ball to practice dribbling at home, and he has played with it all afternoon. I'm going to hear a basketball bouncing in my sleep tonight!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is dang cold here!! I don't like the cold, that's why I live here and not up north! However, you can't always escape it. Right this minute my parents are off on a cruise, they left from San Diego and went through the Panama Canal and are coming back into Florida on Saturday. Bet they aren't cold!!!

Well, I have nothing of value to say, and I'm not going to complain the entire time, so this will be a short post, I just saw that it had already been a week since I had posted, so I'm on here just because. My boy will be starting basketball on Saturday. Well, the practices start Saturday. I don't know yet when the first game is, we'll find that out at practice. I can't wait. It will be so cute (I hope) to watch 4, 5, and 6 year olds playing. I have a feeling that he may be the oldest one on the team, so he's going to have to do good! He's looking forward to it. We've done t-ball the last 2 summers and he played soccer last fall and enjoyed all of it, so I'm sure he'll enjoy this too. He's going to be playing with his cute little friend Carson. If Carson's momma would start a blog like all of her blogging friends have been nagging her to do, you could see how cute he is! And his brother too! But brother is too old to play with us. I'll be sure and update how the first practice goes, I'm sure that you will hear much more about this than you will ever want to know! Bye for now......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Love My Dog!

Alrighty, we got the car back, it was only the oil filter thingy that needed to be fixed, so it was painless. But, yesterday I had to take my doggie to the vet. She was having ear problems, (the story of our family!), I knew it was a yeast infection in her ear, because she's had them before. But it had been quite awhile since she had been seen for that, so I knew they'd insist on seeing her, and not just giving me a Rx. So, we went in, and yes, it was a yeast infection, they took a culture, gave me an antibiotic and we went to pay. $98 bucks!!! What happened to vet care being waaay cheaper than people care?? The last time Hunt went to the Urgent Care Center for his ear it was $47. Aztec's office visit was $45. The slide was $25, and the meds were $25. Good grief. I had thought it'd be $50 to $60 bill, boy was I wrong on that one! Also, the vet said it could be the shape of her ear that causes the infections. Heard that one before, it just applied to my child, not my dog. So, I also have a liquid med to wash her ear out weekly to prevent infection, you can bet I'll be doing that now. And get this, they insist on a physical exam when it's rabies shot time, and that's in March. So that won't be a cheap visit either. My dog goes to the doctor more than I do! By the way, that fun visit is in about 10 days. Oh boy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay, now I'm frustrated. My internet went down right in the middle of trying to publish the post right before this one, and then when I got it back up, it only ended up posting half of it. Computers!!! Anyway, as I was saying, (read the next post first, then come back to this one.) The oil change people are helping us with the car, talking to the Mazda people, and are actually going to come and clean up our driveway! Now that's going above and beyond in customer service, wouldn't you say?? Mazda has to order the part that they need, go figure, and they won't know for sure if that is all that is wrong until they get the part, fill it with oil, and start it up. They said that there is a possibility of the engine having a crack in it. Yikes!! I wouldn't think that it would, just because hubs got it back home so soon. He was only a couple of blocks away when the engine/oil light came on, and it kept dripping out oil after he got home, so it wasn't completely dry when it was being driven. Now I can't help but wonder about my car......I also drive a Mazda 6!!!

Quick Update!

Well, it took a tow truck, 2 days of waiting, and a call from hubs to the owner of the Mazda dealership, but we've found out what's going on with the car for the most part. Apparently, when the oil is changed in a Mazda, you have to have a special little tool to take off the oil filter. Who knew?? Anyway, this tool hasn't been used and the oil filter cover (?) ended up getting cracked. Don't ask me how the cover being cracked equals oil all over the driveway, cause I just have no idea! Anyway, I called my good, sweet, kind friend whose hubby just happens to be one of the "big-wigs" of the said oil change company, who shall remain nameless!, and got the number for her hubs. My hubs in turn called hers, just to let them know what had happened, mainly as a warning, so it wouldn't happen to someone else who might really be upset and try to cause problems for them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What else can happen this weekend???

Well.......where to start? We've had a "wet spot" in the backyard for about 3 weeks now, knowing that it's a water leak somewhere/somehow, but not really wanting to know. Sometimes you just don't want to know how bad something is, so you just ignore it. We thought it was either the sprinkler system leaking or a pipe, probably the sewer, and just were afraid to find out. So on Saturday, John finally went out and dug it up. The ground was so wet that you could just hear it "slushing" as he dug. Well, thank goodness, it looks like a leak in the sprinkler system pipes. We haven't even been using it the last 3 months or so, so I really was afraid that it was going to be something much worse. But the sprinkler man is coming tomorrow to get that fixed. He came on Saturday and turned off the valve, so at least it's not leaking anymore. Forgive the picture of the bench, that's there so a dog doesn't run into a hole and break a leg. She may be big, but that big head doesn't have just tons of brains. I'd rather her run into the bench than fall in the hole!
Now, the not so good news.......John left for church this morning and was back about 2 minutes later. His engine light came on, and when he pulled back home, noticed the oil in the driveway.....
Who knows what happened, it looks like a body, doesn't it???!!! So, now first thing in the morning I'll be calling the insurance company and taking advantage of the towing that we pay for every month. I'm afraid of what's going to be wrong with the car!! It doesn't look good. We still have a year left on our note, and I'm just praying that it will be fixed easily and cheaply and we aren't left paying for a year on a car that doesn't run. I thought about going out there and making a chalk line around it, but that would be rather gruesome, don't you think? Plus, I don't want to wish "death" on the car! At least we have an extra car, so we're not down to sharing one. That is a huge pain in the neck! This is the kind of thing that ends up taking all day. Calling and waiting for a tow truck, then waiting what seems like forever for a diagnosis.
On the up note, hooray for school starting again on Tuesday! I love my children, and I love spending time with them, but I like a routine, and we most defiantely have not had one the last two weeks. Plus, I got cancelled constantly on my cleaning and am extremely broke right now. It's not pretty! Time to start working again! That is not a hooray, except for the $$. Pretty sad, I'm thinking. I'll keep you informed on the fate of the car. I'm sure "all my readers" are waiting with baited breath! tee, hee