....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 years

Friday is our ten year anniversary. This is now...... This is 10 years ago. Engagement picture. My printer doesn't have a scanner, so I had to take a picture and then upload it. So, sorry for the bad quality! We are off to Dallas around noon tomorrow, so I'm putting these on tonight.
Do we look any different??

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family pics

We went and got our "bi-annual" Christmas pics done today after church. I thought they turned out good. Individual kids.....Emily


And mom with Janae. I've been thinking for the last two years that I was going to have this picture made, and send it in to the newspaper for Mother's day when they do their look a like contest. I have so many people say she looks just like me, and I'd really like to just see if it could win something, or at least get a mention!! People have stopped me in the grocery store and commented on it. I don't see it, but you judge......do we have a chance??

Janae says, "no we don't". Give us some feedback, and I'll share it with her!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


There!! A close up of Janae....(with the glasses, for anybody who might not be sure! lots of blonde girls here!)

I'm actually posting!

Hunt had a fun birthday last week. We had his party at Chuck E. Cheese. I had the brilliant idea a couple of weeks ago to hang out, wait for a weather report, and if it was going to be good, invite a kazillion kids and go to Legacy. Hot dogs and play. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!!!! Dad didn't like that idea, it got shot down. (On a side note, Saturday the weather was beautiful and it was a perfect plan.) So, onto Chuck E. Hunt had a really fun time, he had his b-day there two years ago, so we kinda knew what was going on. They had changed things up a bit though, for the better. Like his crown? See all the tokens in it? They come out! Doesn't he look thrilled to be with mom and dad?? What is it with pictures at this age?? I see it in more blogs than just mine (Angie) so I know it's not just my child, but gosh, I'm ready for this to be over!! Anyway, I do have a story to tell with this, so bear with me. One of the kids from his class showed up, by himself, nobody brought him inside. I was close to the door, so they "re-stamped" me and gave this kid the same number as mine. I was assured that he couldn't leave w/o me knowing about it. Good idea, huh? Good idea only if it works!! I spent 30 minutes hunting for this kid toward the end of the party, the "door" guy has seen so many kids come through that he doesn't remember this particular one. He did tell me that a kid left with a guy, the kid had told door guy that it was his dad, so he let kid go. I find the mom's phone number, another mom who actually (gasp) stayed with her kid, had it. So I call mom. Mom and Dad are divorced. I asked if she had kid and she said kid was supposed to be picked up by dad. So I told her that I'd been looking for him all this time, and just need to know he's okay. So she called dad and dad had him. It was making me a nervous wreck. I just knew that kid was somewhere, I was going to leave, then his parents would show up and be furious. These kids are only 7!! What are the parents thinking to drop them off and pick them up without telling another adult? Don't they want someone to keep an eye on their kids?? Okay, I'm done with that. It seems like the last time I was at Chuck's I had a story......hmmmm....forgot about that until just now.
Janae was in a Veteran's Day Program at school yesterday. It was all the 3rd and 4th graders. The music teacher and the kids worked so hard on it, and did a superb job! First program at the new school, and the place was packed! I got there about 25 minutes early, and thankfully found a seat with 2 of my friends. Kind of hard to tell in this picture, but there were a bunch of kids up there!! And like a dork, I didn't put a close up of Janae on here. For what it's worth, she's on the extreme left, in front of lady with a ponytail. You can't see her here.

We had a power point of family members who are verterans. It was really moving, to see who all has family in the military. This is my cousin, he was (is) a marine, out now, but was in for 8-10 years, served in Iraq twice and made Captain. (Yes, I'm a bit proud!!)

And again, a pic of Janae and her adorable little best friend. They have actually had teachers ask them if they are sisters. They get along way too well for that!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy early birthday, Hunt

Hunter's 7th birthday is this coming Friday. I think I've said before that what he wanted more than anything was a guinea pig. (Thank you "G-Force". ) So, we went out and got him one for his birthday. He was so incredibly excited. So am I. Yet another cage to clean out.

I just can't tell you how happy he is. That's about all he's getting for his birthday, a couple more small things on the actual day, but we told him that ahead of time, and he didn't care. He really, really, really wanted one, and so his wish was granted!