....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


On Saturday, we went to go see John's grandparents in San Angelo. While we were driving the 3 hours there, and the 3 hours back, we were telling the kids stories about when we were kids. (Have to keep them entertained somehow you know).

Anyhoo, I was telling them about when we were living in South Korea, we lived up on a hill and my brother and I would "sled" down it during the winter using cardboard or boards. We had somewhat of a forest behind us and we would go explore and find bunkers from the war. Good times.

There would be soldiers up there in the woods sometimes (since Korea isn't really at peace, because of North Korea), they would be patrolling. I don't specifically remember American soldiers being up there behind the house, even though we saw them all over anytime we went out. Anyway, as 6 and 8 year old kids, we didn't really understand the magnitude of all that. We were just out having fun exploring and playing in the bunkers. (Where were my parents you ask? Different world back then.)

I remembered that one time we found a Korean soldier up there and "dragged" him back down to our backyard and were playing and wrestling with him. My mom must have seen us and taken a picture of it, we were trying to get his huge military boots off. He was just having a blast playing with these little American kids, but now, uh-hum, 25 years later, I can only imagine the trouble he would have been in if he would have been caught rolling around on the ground with kids pulling off his boots when he was supposed to be patrolling.

So, in saying all of that, the kids went to my parent's house on Sunday and wanted to see the pictures of it. My mom couldn't find them, so I was looking, and didn't find those, but I did find pics of us sledding down the hill, (that was another lifetime ago, can anyone imagine ME voluntarily out playing in the snow when it's below zero outside? I think not.) And.....I found some other cute pics I wanted to share.

Look at the blonde hair I had! Janae saw it and said, "Mom!, Your hair was white!!" I know. One of my pride and joys, even now. Pride goeth before a fall, I really try, I do!

I was around 3 in both of these picture. Cute, huh? Attitude already, just see below.....

Obviously, this is a picture of my brother's wedding. They got married on Janae's 4th birthday. The photographer was trying to take pictures at the reception, and Janae just ran up there and lept into her new Aunt Megan's arms. Love this picture, mainly because of the memory behind it. So glad they love Auntie Megan.

And last but not least, my boy. He holds a special place in my heart, Janae does too, and I love her every bit as much, but it's different between my boy and girl. I just think he was the cutest boy ever!! He's still cute, but those baby picture, man, they make me miss my baby boy. However........

that does not mean I'm thinking of having another one. So there is a bit of memories for you. Shall I post sledding pictures?

"The Talk"

Yesterday in her folder, Janae brought home a note about "The Video". How in the world is it time for that already???? So, I thought I'd better go up and talk to the nurse to see what all this education was going to entail. Mostly general type stuff that Janae knows already. Take a bath and wash your hair, wear deodorant, stay in school, etc.

However, they will be watching a video about what girls will go through and the proper names of all the body parts. Most of it, I've already visited with her about, but this gave me a kick in the pants to just clarify and make sure she'll know what will be discussed at school.

Sigh......We sat here and watched the video ahead of time, it's on Proctor and Gamble's website, they created it. Wasn't bad, but I'm already getting the pre-teen "Do I have to watch this??" I have to say I was somewhat amused at her. I think she was more uncomfortable about talking about it than I was, and somehow I thought it'd be the other way around! Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

Thankfully I know the school nurse pretty well and was confident that nothing would be going on I didn't want to be, but just had to make sure. I was pretty impressed, she said they have the curriculum, but they can present it any way they want to. She said she wouldn't be telling the kids anything she didn't want someone else telling her kids.

So, I guess my almost middle schooler is really almost a middle schooler. ****Tears**** Where has the time gone?