....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Monday, September 29, 2008

My poor kid!

My Hunter has had ear infections since he was only a few months old. We have fought them and fought them for years. We started seeing an ENT when he was about 18months old, the pediatrician had already seen him so many times, she sent us on! We kept trying different things, then finally when he was 2 1/2 we put tubes in. Viola!! No infections the entire time they were in, probably right at a year. We went from roughly every 3-4 weeks to a full year with nothing! Yippee!! Since they fell out, we've still battled the infections every few months, nothing as bad as they were when he was about 2. He woke up with ear pain during the night about 3 weeks ago, so off we go to the doc first thing on a Sunday morning. We've learned that when he complains about it, that you don't waste anytime, you head straight to the doctor. He had a severe infection that looked like it might possibly rupture his eardrum, so we got 10days of a big gun antibiotic, (the little ones don't work anymore!) and off we went. Well, no rupture through the course of the meds. BUT, about 4 days after coming off of them, once again he woke up in the night with the same ear hurting. So....again, off we go to the doc! Now the ear has ruptured. After a RX for a $100 dollar ear drop, we had an appointment with the ENT today. He is recommending that we put in the tubes again, and remove the adnoids as well this time. Seems that the SAME EAR is full of fluid yet again. You wouldn't believe how much drained out last week when it ruptured, he was soaking cotton balls. How in the world is it full again???? We don't have a date set yet, will probably be within the month. If it gets infected again, since the fluid is already there, it could be another bad infection. He also had a hearing test, and is hearing isn't very good right now, probably due to all the fluid, doc said that it's like listening with your hands over your ears. I feel so bad for him, he doesn't want tubes, it's scary for an almost 6 year old. The worst part about when he was 2 and got them, was that morning, when he woke up and couldn't understand why he couldn't have his cup, that was the first thing he got every morning then. So, please keep him in your prayers, for him to have God's spirit and be courageous and brave! And also for protection over him during a surgery. We are in the process of hubs changing jobs and getting insurance finally, so please also pray that the insurance part works out as well, otherwise we will be paying for this out of our pocket, which really is the least of my concerns right now. I'm pretty worried about his hearing, I can really tell that he's not where he should be. It's not the same as "selective" hearing at all! He truly can't hear often, and is constantly saying "Excuse me?" in his sweet little voice.

Well, on a brighter note, I'm getting a haircut on Wednesday, time to get it hacked off! Was scheduled for this past Friday, and was all ready to blog about it, but my hair lady called and cancelled. Her kids were sick at home, and she had to cancel on me. Can you believe that???? ha,ha What nerve! When I'm ready, I'm ready, it's killing me to wait 5 more days.

Monday, September 15, 2008

When it rains in Blogland, it pours (with news!)

Look what we did after school today!!!

We went and looked at it on Saturday afternoon, and had to wait for them to get the financing in order, we're going to use it as a 3rd car, and some of the finance companies didn't approve of us not trading anything it. So it took all evening Saturday, and all day today to get it approved. It's a '03 Toyota Sequoia, LOADED, with only 63k miles! And the absolutely coolest thing is, (I'm about to show my "hick-ness" with this), it has a programmable garage door opener!! I was wondering how we were going to get another garage door opener, thought I'd have to call Overhead Door and probably fork over 50 bucks, asked my brother about it, and he informed me of this absolutely awesome feature!! I am soooo impressed!! All we have to do now is push a button, and the garage door will rise and fall (or close, hopefully!)


I forgot to preview before posting.....I meant that I took a week OFF, not of Brooke! Of course, it is fitting, only I didn't see Brooke all week long!!! So sorry!

I took a week off......

Okay, so I took a week of Brooke, but I'm back now. Not like some people who will remain nameless (Staci) who take off whole months at a time! he,he

Okay, have to tell about my great Wal-Mart deal. I went on Friday night, needed to get a few things and was looking at sheets. What better place than Wal-Mart to buy sheets?? ;) Well, my perfect children were wandering (running) up and down the aisle, and found a comforter that Hunter liked. In being the great mom that I am, I looked at it, ready to say "NO". Then.....I saw the red price tag on it. Ready? $7 Yes, $7, comforter, sham, and ruffle on clearance.
So I said "YES"! What he did have was okay, it was about 3 years old and he did potty train while we used it, so it had multiple washings under it's belt, and was looking a little flat and faded. The new one is so cute and it matches his wallpaper and curtains.

If only I could find a comforter for my bed for $7.00. I'd probably send out a text to everyone I know informing them of my good luck!

In other news, for those of you who don't live here, we got 7 inches of rain on Thursday. That was a record, never had that much in a day here before. I love the rain, love rainy days, but a downside to that rain is that school got cancelled for Friday due to flooding. Can you believe that? So, I"ll bet you anything we'll have to make it up on one of our other days off later. Hunter was going to be on the school news saying the pledge Friday morning, so now that has to be rescheduled too. Probably for waaaaay later in the year. And he was so excited. Well, I'm starting to blabber, going to say good-bye for now!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lunch in the Cafeteria

Just a quick post before going to get the kiddies from school....Hunter, my sweet boy, has yet another ear infection. He woke up about 12 :30 a.m. Sunday just crying and crying, so in went the Motrin and the ear drop, and off we go to a clinic first thing Sunday morning. Yes, he has a horrible infection in one ear, and the doctor informs me that yes, it's bad enough it may rupture. It would be the 4th (?) time he's had a ruptured ear drum. However, it didn't as of Monday, so I think we're free and clear on that. Why is it that he doesn't complain of it hurting until it almost hits the emergency status? Anyway, I say all of that in order to inform everyone, that due to the school not giving any medicine unless it's a prescription, I went in at lunch to give him another dose of Tylenol, just in case.

Now, he eats first, then Janae's class comes in after him. So after she came in, I went and said hello to her, then back to sit with Hunt for a few more minutes. As I'm walking back over there, I see a corn dog in the floor, no big deal, that's not a bit unusual in the school cafeteria, then the assistant principal comes over, and is trying to get the kid sitting across from Hunter to get up and go with her. As I'm watching, this kid starts trying to throw his food, his tray, trying to hit and/or kick the assistant principal, and screaming and throwing an all-out trantrum. She finally picks him up and off they go. Hunter turned to me, and said, "Braxton threw his corndog at my head, and hit me in the face with it". All I can say it's a good thing that the pricipal dragged him off, he was safer that way!!! Now all of you know and love me, so I can safely say "What a little brat!!". He just decided to chunk his food at my son's head. I'm dying to know what A.P. did with him, she was back in the cafeteria in just a few minutes, doing what she usually does. I would just skin my children alive if they EVER even thought about doing that. I would be soooo mortified if they had to be dragged out of there by the Principal or the A.P. So glad I'm not in elementary school anymore! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


You know, in all my years of cooking, I've had relatively few mishaps. A cut here and there, and burn once in awhile, but really nothing major. Well, tonight that changed. I had a blonde moment. I was pulling bread out of the oven and dropped the potholder. Right onto the heating element, and guess what!!?? It caught on fire! So, amist yelling for John to come in there NOW!, I hated to scream that we had a fire in the house, would have scared the kids half to death, I grabbed the tongs and pulled it out of the oven and threw it in the sink, turning on the water! Whew!
It really probably couldn't be classified as a fire, as it was just the potholder itself that had flames coming out of it. The oven wasn't on fire, and the smoke detector didn't even come on, but I do not wish to experience that again. I'm probably naive, but I didn't even know that could happen! Lesson learned!! he,he

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hot Tub- oh, la,la

Now, for the hot tub. As evidence of a couple of the posts I got about my mosquito post, not everyone was as interested in the mosquitos as the hot tub! I myself thought that the bugs were much more entertaining reading.

We got the hot tub as a hand me down from my parents a couple of summers ago. I couldn't even tell you for sure how long they had it, I think I was 16 or 17 when they got it. (It's been awhile.) Anyway, they kept it in the garage, and wanted the garage cleared out, so John decided that if they were giving it away, we wanted it. It wasn't working very well, but we all thought it only needed a couple of minor repairs and we'd be home free. Wrong! It's been alot of work, we keep thinking that this "one little thing" needed fixing, and then "one more thing". We had to have an electrician come over and wire it to be plugged in, and he replaced some of the fuses and what not. Couldn't really tell you all he did to be honest. Then the heating element wouldn't work. John worked on that for awhile and never could get that fixed so we decided the kids could just use it during the summer as a swimming pool. That worked well last summer, but this summer the filter quit working. Solution: Replace the filter. Wrong! Still not filtering. So, now no swimming pool either. So at the present time, we are contemplating hiring someone to just come haul it off. I think it is past it's prime. We called someone from the Thrifty Nickel, and he's going to charge about $80, which if he can haul that huge, heavy thing off, that's a bargain in my book! So, if any of you loyal friends has a better offer, you are welcome to it! We might even pay you. Well.....maybe not.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Entertainment in more ways than one!

Well, as much as Brooke likes Craig's List, I like Sams. Wholesale Club that is. Greatest place in the world. My friend Tiffany had told us that they saw an entertainment center there at Sams that would match our funiture perfectly. So, on Friday, as we were doing our regular Sam's shopping, we of course had to check out the furniture. May I say I was impressed! So, we went home, talked about it, and decided to "let's do it!". Saturday, we asked our buddy and neighbor Bryan for the use of his pickup and assistance and off we went.

Now we are the proud owners of a new entertainment center. And may I say, it was about time. We have been wanting to get one, but expected to have to pay around $2500 for something we would keep for years. (What we had was a Wal-Mart beauty.) This new one was about $689 and we will be keeping for the long haul. Bargain! I couldn't resist snapping pics as the guys hauled in box #1, weighing in at 304 pounds. I offered to do it for them, but as gentlemen, they declined. Who would have thought? It's only because I'm the only one taking pictures, and they wanted pictures of this monumental event. I could have saved them so much time and trouble, oh well. So, there you have our week-end Sams story.
Now, on another note, I am getting quite frustrated with this picture thing. I can't figure out how to put the pics where I want them, I tried cutting and pasting, and just ended up cutting, and had to up-load them again. Grrr! I'm going to have to get with one of you professional bloggers and just see how to do it.

Well, it's time for week 2 of school. I'm telling you, after just one week of school, then having Labor day holiday, was quite laborous for us. Whew! Attitudy high schooler and kindergartener! Whew, back to school tomorrow! Thank goodness the 3rd grader is managing to keep her attitude in check this weekend, don't know if we would have survived 3 of them. You know, there are only 2 of us, against 3 of them. Heaven help us! he,he,he My sweet kindergartener has gotten spankings the last two days, and he probably needed them more than the one time each day I gave them. He seems to think he can growl and stomp his feet at me when he doesn't like what I tell him, and that's just not flying. I asked him today if he just didn't like being with me, and he said "NO". Hmm, guess he's liking his teacher better than his mommy. Janae had this kindergarten attitude too at first, guess it's part of the adjustment. We will get through it, but it made a couple of looong weekend days for momma!
Farewell for tonight, will talk about the hot tub tomorrow........