....a little bit of what's going on in my life today...

...a little bit of what's going on in my life today....

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hunter's invention....

Hunter had a great idea tonight while we were doing yardwork......as you can see, Dad actually agreed and did it!!! ******Notice the great weed-eating job that was done by yours truly******

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're home!!!

What a fun trip! We left on Tuesday morning to head to San Antonio. We got there in time to go on a Riverwalk Riverboat tour in the afternoon. Not the best time to go. You want to talk about HOT?? I was sweating buckets. And everyone reading this blog knows that I don't get hot. Whew, that humidity takes some getting used to. But it was lots of fun. We hadn't ever gone to the riverwalk before, but this time our hotel was right on it, and so we decided to go. Our boat driver enjoyed running Hunt and Janae into some plants growing on the side of the "shore". They thought it was fun.
We also went to the Alamo on Tuesday afternoon when we got there. No pictures were allowed inside, but it was very moving to go in there and see the history that happened there. All of that was within walking distance of the hotel, so it was easy to get to.

Wednesday morning, we headed to the animal safari. This is Hunter standing up in the sunroof for the best view. The kids really enjoyed it.

This is the best picture I could get of the zebra inside the car. He actually was in a little further, but by the time the camera clicked, he had pulled out some. He started snorting, and all the kids, (well the girls) started screaming. Such bravery.

The petting zoo part of the safari. There was one little pig and the rest were goats. Lots of babies, the kids enjoyed feeding them. They started chewing on shoestrings, and the hems of our shorts. It was funny.

Sea World here we come. Of course we got a picture with the dolphin and "Shamu". Once again, whew was it hot!

We bought 3 trays of fish to feed the dolphins with and by the time I had taken Hunter's picture, Janae had already emptied out her tray, so I didn't get a pic of her. And of course there were only 5 fish in each tray, and it was $12, so I didn't get more food to get a picture of her. Next time, I'll know to start with her. Well, I'm off to the airport to get my parents, they are coming home from Africa. It was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be home!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Plumbing problems

Last night, I put Hunter in our bathtub for a bath. This is the water faucet in the "OFF" position. As you can tell, the water is going, and is most certainly not off. Uh-oh. So, I called the emergency number for the plumber that the builder had given us. Granted, it's been 4 years since the house was built, but assumed that maybe that was the route to go. After waiting an hour for a call back, I called a different plumber. Gibson plumbing. They called right back, said that a service call on the weekend was $150, and I told him I can't pay that, we're about to go on vacation. (Mind you, the water is running this entire time.) So, he said he'd call a technician out, and they'd turn off the water in the alley for free. That was the only way to get the bathtub water off, because there isn't a valve that you can just turn off like the ones under the sink or behind the toilet. So, anyway the guy came out, turned off the water, and came inside to look at the faucet. He said that there wasn't a valve under there, and no way to "fix" the problem without replacing the faucet, and thought that it would be around $300. Whoa!! This morning, John called Betenbough to find out what really is back behind that marble panel. They confirmed that there was not a shut off valve. John got the side off the tub, went to Lowe's to get another faucet, and valves to put under there so that if this happened again, we won't have to cut the water off in the alley, thereby having no water at all in the house. Well, Lowe's had the valves, but no faucet in stock. They can order one, and it's only $200. That's the cheap one.
So, long story short, we won't be getting a faucet today, but the valves are in, and we can just turn off the water to the tub. Gibson plumbing is coming back in a little bit to turn the water back on in the alley, and we should be getting back to normal. Except that our bathroom is going to be a ghetto bathroom for awhile. No bathtub faucet, and no side on the bathtub. Oh, well, whenever we have $200 for a "cheap" faucet we'll get it fixed. At least we'll have water, we won't be that ghetto!!! And by the way, if you need a plumber, call Gibson. They have been wonderful! They are turning the water off and on for free.

The offending faucet. Laying on the bathroom floor, in the throes of death. I can't wait for the water to come back on, it will be sooo nice to take a shower and brush my teeth!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on the doggie

It's been a week since my last depressing post, so I thought I'd probably better do an update. Aztec is doing better, she seems back to her old self. For several days, I agonized about whether it was time to put her to sleep, especially since we are about to leave for a summer trip. She is still on antibiotics for the infection, and pain pills, and seems to be feeling fine now. So, I've decided that it isn't time yet. She's eating and drinking, and I'm keeping her inside except for potty breaks so she won't get too hot. I'm afraid that if she gets really hot, her heart will have to work harder with all the panting to cool her off. My wonderful brother has agreed to come over a couple of times a day while we are gone to let her out for a break, and we're going to ask a neighbor to come over once a day as well. I still know that she probably doesn't have just a long time, but for now, I'm not a mess about it anymore, not in tears everytime I think about it!! Wish me luck, we're headed to San Angelo on Saturday for John's family reunion......., then home for a couple of days, then onto San Antonio. By the way, does anybody happen to have season tickets that they would love to loan me for next week to Sea World??? I'd be extra appreciative to save $250!! You'd be my friend forever....

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 sad, sad stories

*******Disclaimer to Lori--don't read unless you want to be sad, and you have a big box of tissues handy--consider this your warning!!********
I will start off with the story that isn't as sad. As surmised by my title, I'm sure you already know there are two! Last night off we went to t-ball. Great game, by the way, even though it was literally 106 degrees out there. So, a couple of hours later we got home. I went into the playroom to feed the kid's fish, and there is a fish lying on the floor. By itself. All alone. No water, no bowl, nothing. Just a dead fish in the middle of the floor. I yelled at the kids to come in, Janae started immediately howling and crying, because it was her fish, and it was quite dead at this point. Hunter knew nothing about it at all either. So, I figured it must have jumped out. There is no other explanation. So, off we go to PetSmart, have to replace a $2 fish to console my daughter. (And by the way, they confirmed that Bettas get "bored" and start jumping "to entertain themselves") Sometimes it's worth it. The hard part is that she's having to learn about death, and that isn't any fun. I will continue on with that in part 2 here in a minute. So, Janae was crying that she needs her fish, she can't live without her fish, she has to have her fish. A bit dramatic I know, but I do know that if she needs to grieve over a fish, so be it. Now, onto part 2. My 11 year old doggie Aztec hasn't been doing well for a couple of days. On Wednesday night, I went out to get her and actually thought that she had died out in the yard. I was calling and calling for her, she was laying with her back toward me, and not moving. She finally seemed to hear, then she headed for the door, but she's really been acting funny the past couple of days. Not normal at all. So I took her to the vet this afternoon. We spent 3 hours there, they did x-rays and bloodwork. She had a fever, so they thought that there was probably an infection somewhere, but didn't know where. Still don't. Onto the x-rays, this is where I had to grab a tissue. Her heart is enlarged, it's just gotten that way due to her age, and there isn't anything we can do about it. Basically, we are at the point to keep her comfortable. I didn't have to make the hard decision today, they gave her a shot of antibiotics for the infection and Lasix for the fluid around her heart and lungs. She's been having labored breathing, and that is why. So, we came home, she hadn't eaten in 2 days, and hadn't been drinking much, so the vet told us to keep an eye on her and if she didn't eat or drink tonight, she would need to come back and be hospitalized tomorrow for IV fluids. Well, she has something that isn't going to get well, it's not going to get any better, and even though I love her, she's not going to make it much longer. I already decided that I'm not going to start her on IV's because it's not ultimately going to do anything. She'll have to stay at the vet for that, and for how long? Until I decide that I can let her go? She did eat some canned dog food after we got home (yeck!), and has been drinking some, so I think that at least I can postpone that horrible decision past this weekend. I really left the vet thinking that I was going to have to have her put to sleep tomorrow. The last thing in the world I want is for her to be miserable because I can't get past my selfishness to let her go. It's going to kill me,but it's coming, and it's coming quickly. It sounds silly, she's just a dog, but I've had her longer than I've had my husband and children. I do love her, with all of my heart, but I'm going to have to let her go and say good-bye before long at all. So, please pray for me, so that I'll know when "it's time", and that I can do it. I can't even imagine how horribly hard that's going to be. She really does seem to be feeling better, it's been about 3 hours since that huge antibiotic shot, and I think that it has helped, but the end is still inevitable. As it is with every living creature. Sin is horrible, isn't it?? That's why we all have to die, her included. I'll end there, have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


All right, I have to humbly make a correction to a previous blog posting. I called LP &L today, wanting to ask if the peak rates apply to the weekends. I have laundry day planned for Saturday. I was wrong in my previous "rant" that peak means between 10am-6pm. According to the nice customer service lady on the phone, peak means "over your average usage". And they take the average between the months of Nov-Feb. So, anything over the average use of those months bumps you waaaaaay up into peak. So, if anyone waters your lawn at all, you are most likely going to go over your peak. John said that we'll just water all winter long, and up that usage, so that the summer won't be so bad. Hmmm, I see the reasoning in that, but wouldn't that be "cutting your nose to spite your face"? So, feel free to wash all day long, it won't affect anything. It still really stinks though!


Tuesday my parents left for a mission trip in Zambia, Africa. Why I didn't take any pictures, I'll never know. They were going from Dallas to London, London to Switzerland for a couple of days, then onto Zambia. I know that they are having fun, and will be blessed by this trip. They went 2 summers ago as well. So, please pray for safety for them while they are over there, we have a couple of phone numbers for emergencies, but other than that probably won't hear from them. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know about that!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a dog's life...

Okay, this post is mostly about the water bill, I need to gripe a little bit, but today as I looked out the window, I happened to see this poor, poor, mistreated dog laying out in the backyard. I thought it was quite humorous that she was laying half on and half off of the clubhouse. Doesn't everyone feel sorry for her?
She leads such a rough life. Now....on for my griping. Last month our water bill was $123. What??? Now, I have to say that this does NOT include electric, we have another company for electricity, and that in itself is another story. So, this bill is for water, sewer, storm drainage, (whatever that is!) and garbage. Well, I paid last month, our bill is generally about $75 in the summer, so this was way high already. I vaguely remembered hearing that the water rates were going to go up, and the citizens of our fair city were in somewhat of an uproar, but I didn't ever really investigate it.
Well, yesterday I got this month's water bill. Ready??? $150!!!!! What the heck?? I looked at it and they are charging us over $4 per thousand gallons used in peak hours. And we had ALOT of peak usage. We've been letting the kids do the water/trampoline thing in the afternoons some while it's so hot, but only for 10 minutes tops. So, we decided no more of that. Then today, in the middle of the morning, as I was loading up the washing machine with load number 3 of about 6, for our mid-week washing, I realized how much water I was using in the middle of the day doing laundry. And the dishwasher was ready for me to run it as well. I got to thinking that it's GOT to be that causing our bill to skyrocket. Isn't that the stupidest thing??? It's the same amount of water that I'd be using in the evenings or middle of the night, but I'm getting screwed by washing during the day. All I can say is: this stinks! I'm going to start doing dishes and laundry around (not during) the hours of 10am-6pm and see what next month's bill is. Just a warning to everyone, be careful how much you wash......